The ultimate guide to maintaining salon towels

The ultimate guide to maintaining salon towels

Towels are perhaps one of the essential requirements of a beauty salon. The need is not merely in terms of high usage but also numbers. The daily usage is probably amongst the highest than in any other sector.

Ensuring that the towels are fresh and clean is of utmost importance as it influences the manner in which people perceive the salon. Maintaining a good stock of hygienic towels will surely have a positive impact in building the brand image.

However, given the number of towels that are used on a daily basis, maintaining salon towels can be challenging. Listed below are ways to make the process of maintaining towels easier for you.

The task of maintaining a salon towel becomes easier if you choose to use a salon-specific towel.

Need for a salon specific towel:

  • Salon towels have to withstand regular washing
  • They are exposed to harsh chemicals

Characteristics of an ideal salon towel:
While choosing a salon towel, you need to keep the above factors in mind. Unlike regular towels, salon towels will be subjected to intense use. The towel has to be durable enough to endure rough use. Salon towels with the following features may help to make the task of maintenance easier.

Bleach-Proof: Salon towels need to be bleach-proof. This quality proves to help both during salon treatments and also during maintenance. Towels that are not bleach-proof may develop stains over time. This implies that you will need to replace towels frequently to maintain the professional image of your salon. VAT dyed towels are also suitable to be used in salons since this process creates towels that will last longer.

Towels with higher-absorbency are more functional for salon use. It is easier to dry your client’s hair with such towels. The thickness of a towel also determines the capacity of a towel to absorb. Thicker and heavier towels are easier to use in a salon than lighter and thin ones.

Black & White towels:
You can match the colour of the towel with the interiors of your salon. The best option is to go with a black and white salon towel, since they will match any theme or design. These colours allow you to redesign your salon without having to replace the old towels with new ones.

Size Options:
You can either choose to have towels of a particular size or towels of different sizes to suit different needs of the salon. If you prefer a single size, it will be a good idea to choose a standard size towel that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Laundry service:
Some of the advantages of hiring a laundry service are:

  • Cost effective
  • You get salon-specific towels
  • You can choose towels of different sizes
  • You will always have stock of clean and fresh towels
  • You can focus on other aspects of your business

In conclusion, quite a number of factors need to be considered while choosing the most appropriate salon towel. A lot of effort also needs to be put in to ensure your salon towels are well-maintained and clean. The easiest and most cost-effective way to do so is by hiring a professional linen and laundry service.

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