End of Trip Facilities and Corporate Locker Room Towels

End of Trip Facilities and Corporate Locker Room Towels


Superior quality towels for End of Trip Facilities:

With modern work culture supporting employees in several ways, end of trip facilities are now the new mandates in almost every work place. Companies are recognizing the advantages of employees using active transport and offering upscale end of trip facilities to ensure that commuting to work is a pleasant experience. This has resulted in an increased demand for well-regulated end of trip facilities in workplaces. This area serves as a hub for those who prefer to jog or ride to work.

In general, end of trip facilities should be equipped with appropriate parking for bikes and cycles, have an adequate supply of toiletries and should also have spacious personal lockers. An ideal end of trip facility includes amenities like:

  • Refreshing shower to kickstart the day
  • Changing Rooms with Mirrors
  • Secure Storage Facilities
  • Fresh towels services

At E Wash, we strive to enhance the end of trip facility experience with our reliable service. We offer top quality corporate locker room and end of trip towels. We offer a broad range of towels and you can choose one that suits the requirement of your facility. We are capable of supplying 40 to 1000 towels per day. We also offer a free trial and this option enables you to make a sound decision while choosing corporate locker room towels for your premises.

Apart from quality products, we also offer full insurance, free cost and inventory analysis. With our service, you can extend an exceptional service experience to your customers.

Know more about our end of trip towels:

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