Save time and money with a commercial laundry service:

Save time and money with a commercial laundry service:

Time is money and every second counts in this competitive world. Whether it’s completing an activity or professional task, we have to be on top of our game to give it our best!

There are many benefits in seeking another person to wash your clothes, one that stands out is time. Having additional time to undertake other important daily tasks only benefits you, and that’s a positive step!

At an individual level, washing your clothes is not a major ordeal and one can undoubtedly save an hour or two for this task. Yes, washing machines are there to reduce your burden. All you need to do is segregate the clothes, put it inside, set the program and continue with your other household chores. However, at a business level, things get complicated can be costly.

If you are a hotel or restaurant business, getting your laundry done might take a great deal of time, considering the volume of linen that needs to be washed. There could be bed linen, towels, sheets, staff uniforms, kitchen linen, cleaning cloths, and so on.You may hire people to carry out the regular laundry in your hotel but, you would need people to sort out the linen service in Melbourne, handle the washing machines, get the clothes ironed and so on. You will have to also consider the water consumption, electricity bills and the expense of other detergents and chemicals.  Thus, the best option is to opt for a commercial laundry service as they are efficient, economic and viable.

Advantages of hiring a commercial laundry service:

  • You will save time and energy.
  • You will save money on your water consumption and electricity/gas bills.
  • You do not need extra employees to deal with machines.
  • You can save on detergents and chemicals.

There are exclusive and professional organizations who take care of your dirty linen. They have trained employees who come to your door-step to collect the laundry, clean it, wash it and deliver it to you. You can also instruct them about the pickup and delivery timings depending on your availability.

E WASH is a professional laundry service in Melbourne for cafes, hotels, salons & offices, providing affordable commercial linen & laundry services Melbourne. By offering a diverse range of services including, tea towel service for cafes, linen service for hotels and bleach resistant towel services for hairdressers, E WASH was able to rapidly expand its facilities. In 2014 E WASH moved into its new purpose built-facility in Moorabbin to cater for the growing demand.

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