How a Commercial Laundry Service Can Kickstart Your Business

How a Commercial Laundry Service Can Kickstart Your Business

Many companies could actually benefit from having a relationship with a commercial laundry service. Unfortunately, most do not realize the value that a commercial laundry service could provide. If your business has linens, uniforms, and other fabrics that need to be routinely washed, you should invest in a laundry service. Here is how a commercial laundry service can kickstart your business.

Outsourcing Saves Time and Money

If you currently have washing facilities in-house and these duties are performed by your employees, outsourcing your laundry needs can free up more time for your employees to do other tasks that are more important to your business. When you consider just how much time laundry takes to do every day or every week, it is likely more cost-effective to work with a commercial laundry service instead.

Faster Turnaround

Given that laundry is the sole business of a commercial laundry service, they can deliver a faster turnaround on your laundry. In-house employees likely have other duties to perform, which means that your laundry doesn’t get done right away. When you use a commercial laundry service, you can have your laundry delivered to you exactly when you need it.

Meet Regulatory Standards

If your business operates in the restaurant or hospitality industry, your linens, uniforms, and other items must meet Australian standards for cleanliness. Commercial washing machines come along with extra capabilities that single washers designed for the home simply do not offer. In addition, using a commercial laundry service takes the liability of meeting regulatory standards off your company and transfers them to the commercial laundry service.

Extra Perks for Your Employees

If you want happier employees, providing laundry services can help make your employees’ lives easier. When you offer company-sponsored laundry services, you can ensure that your employees always have fresh uniforms so that they can concentrate on other important work activities.

Better Pricing

Bulk laundry services can provide cheaper rates to launder your company‚Äôs linens. When you consider the fact that you not only need to pay employees to actually perform the laundering tasks, but you also need to pay for extras such as detergent, dryer sheets, laundry bags and more, these costs can add up quickly. When you work with a commercial laundry service, these extra costs are already included in the pricing. This means that you save more money and you don’t have to worry about the additional hassle of managing inventory for all of these items.

At E WASH, we guarantee total quality control from pick-up to delivery. If you’re looking for a company that can provide on-time delivery, we guarantee that your laundry will be picked up and delivered on time so that you have your inventory when you need it. If you are looking out for a reliable commercial laundry service, get in touch with E WASH.

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