How a Commercial Laundry Service Can Kickstart Your Business

Many companies could actually benefit from having a relationship with a commercial laundry service. Unfortunately, most do not realize the value that a commercial laundry service could provide. If your business has linens, uniforms, and other fabrics that need to be routinely washed, you should invest in a laundry service. Here is how a commercial […]

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How to Organize Your Laundry and Save Time

The state of your laundry setup can mean the difference between getting laundry done efficiently and creating a scene that is chaotic for your business. Even if you have just a small amount of laundry to turnover to a commercial laundry service, getting organized can definitely make a difference for your business. To help you […]

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Save time and money with a commercial laundry service:

Time is money and every second counts in this competitive world. Whether it’s completing an activity or professional task, we have to be on top of our game to give it our best! There are many benefits in seeking another person to wash your clothes, one that stands out is time. Having additional time to […]

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Importance of using quality towels in your gym or yoga studio

The result of a visitor’s gym or yoga studio experience completely depends on the comfort level offered. The factors like cleanliness, customer service and other facilities provided by the gym or yoga studio decide the customer’s satisfaction level. You may not realize it but, quality Gym towels play a vital role in building the reputation […]

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Importance of commercial mats for business

Mats to make your workplace look welcoming and keep your staff happy and safe – Dust control mats (Carpet) are great for high traffic areas, stops the dirt coming into your workplace and also a great way to display your logo on entry. Anti Fatigue (Wet Area Mats) make your staff feel safe and ensure […]

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Importance of having luxury towels for your Day Spa

Importance of having luxury towels for your DAY SPA. – Make your customer feel like they are at a 5 – Star hotel. Enhances the experience of the treatments.  Fresh towels to clean yourself after an oil massage. Importance of having luxury towels for your Day Spa: Small details can make a big difference in […]

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How a laundry service can help your business

Ewash Laundry Upgrade – Ewash commissioned experts from around the world to design a high tech, sustainable and productive laundry. The result, was purchasing a state of the art, completely automated (CBW) Continuous Batch Washer. This has set Ewash up to become one of the leaders in the industry. The automated system provides a significant […]

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The ultimate guide to maintaining salon towels

Towels are perhaps one of the essential requirements of a beauty salon. The need is not merely in terms of high usage but also numbers. The daily usage is probably amongst the highest than in any other sector. Ensuring that the towels are fresh and clean is of utmost importance as it influences the manner […]

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End of Trip Facilities and Corporate Locker Room Towels


Superior quality towels for End of Trip Facilities: With modern work culture supporting employees in several ways, end of trip facilities are now the new mandates in almost every work place. Companies are recognizing the advantages of employees using active transport and offering upscale end of trip facilities to ensure that commuting to work is […]

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