Workplace Cycling Facilities

By May 13, 2019Blog
Workplace Cycling Facilities

End-of-trip (EoT) facilities are becoming increasingly popular across Australia. Currently, many employers offer EoT amenities to encourage workers to cycle to the workplace. These facilities include locker, shower, bike wash, bike parking, charging units, bike servicing and maintenance.

Pedalling to work keeps your employees healthy, increases productivity, and helps prevent the environment from further degradation. Moreover, your business ends up saving money as you won’t have to bear the hefty parking fees and fuel costs.


corporate locker roomBusinesses now offer smart lockers as an essential service to employees who cycle to the office. Bikers have access to smart lockers where they can safely store their valuables. You can even provide keyless locking solutions such as automated lockers and lockers with biometric technology for making office cycling resources thoroughly safe.

Employees are making the most of day lockers as they opt for sustainable transport modes and flexible working hours. Day lockers also enable landlords and businesses to make savings as the need for conventional lockers is done away with.

Drying Room

A drying room allows employees to dry their wet clothes when they arrive at the office on a rainy day. Drying rooms also come in handy for workers who need to dry their towels after a shower. The space can contain drying cabinets, clothes lines, and drying racks.

Several drying rooms even have irons, ironing boards, and hairdryers that let employees freshen up after a tiresome trip.


Showering and changing facilities are heavily used especially by commuters who pedal long distances for travelling to and from workplace.

More often than not, changing rooms and showers are also used by employees who exercise during lunch breaks. Several workplaces where the staffs have to perform strenuous physical labour on a regular basis provide showers as a must-have End of Trip facility.

Bike Parking

Bike ParkingEmployees need to park their bicycles in a convenient and safe place at the office. The lack of a safe and secure bike parking space could discourage the workers from bringing their cycles to the workplace.

You can take advantage of numerous space-saving bike parking solutions like standing rails (for ground level storage) and wall-mounting racks.

Ceiling/wall mounted racks and parking rails allow for maximizing storage in areas where space is at a premium. Bicycle mounting racks are also very cost-effective, and therefore can be set up in large numbers.

Charging Units

Businesses are doing everything possible in providing workplace cycling facilities for retaining productive workers. You can even provide charging units for powering digital devices like smartphones, laptops, and other personal digital assistants.

Bike Maintenance

Many workspaces and offices have bike repair and maintenance kits. The kit includes components such as screwdrivers, wrenches, spanners, Allen keys, spare tubes, floor pumps, and puncture repair gear. The bike servicing equipment is usually in the parking compound so that cyclists can access them instantly.

Pool Bicycles

Many offices have a fleet of bicycles that enable workers to visit sites and locations within pedalling distance. Those working in local government offices and municipal corporations make good use of pool bicycles for official trips.

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