What are End of Trip Facilities?

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End of trip facilities are aimed at supporting people who travel to work using non-motorised forms of transport such as cycling, jogging and walking. End-of-trip facilities comprise facilities like bicycle parking, locker rooms, changing rooms and showers.

EoT facilities are boosting workplace productivity, improving the quality of life, and facilitating the optimal use of company resources.

End-of-trip facilities benefit employees, businesses, corporations, building tenants, and property owners, resulting in a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

A Greener Environment

The number of landlords, building owners, and companies designating specific zones for end-of-trip facilities is growing day by day. Consequently, more and more people are choosing non-motorised transport options over motorised transport. So, there are fewer people driving cars or availing public transport for commuting to office.

The upshot of it all is a reduction in carbon footprint thereby reducing the impact on the environment.

Boosts the Marketability of Older Office Buildings

End of trip services are progressively becoming extensive in modern-day office complexes and buildings. Proprietors of old buildings are doing their best to catch up with the owners of new structures in providing EoT services. Availability of EoT facilities in older edifices and structures is boosting their marketability in the property rental market.

Better Security

Employers and landowners are offering keyless lockers as an integral feature of EoT services. With more number of employees choosing to work flexible hours and using non-motorised transport, employers are giving them automated day lockers. The employees not only find these smart locker systems thoroughly secure but very convenient to handle as well.

Improved Productivity

Employees jogging or pedalling to and from workplaces are taking optimum advantage of EoT amenities including dressing rooms, personal lockers, and bathrooms.

Some companies are even providing shower booths with changing facilities and bike servicing rooms. The bike repair/service rooms are equipped with add-ons like ironing boards and smartphone charging outlets.

By using these services, workers feel contended and safe. The peace of mind that employees derive as a result, enable them to focus on work, thereby enhancing productivity.

Reduced Expenses

Companies and businesses are able to save on many fronts. For instance, the charge for bicycle parking is much lower than the rental for car parking. When your employees use sustainable transportation for commuting, you save reimbursing vehicle maintenance charges or conveyance. You also save on maintenance costs if and when they install vertical bicycle racks.

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