E WASH offers a range of services to businesses that need clean linen and laundry supplied, washed and delivered with consistent quality, timing and personal care.

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Meeting the needs of your business with quality and care

We’ve catered to over 1000 commercial clients across a wide range industries. We understand that just as no two businesses are the same, no two commercial laundry or linen requirements are the same either. That’s why we tailor our services to suit the individual needs of every client we serve.

We work with you personally, ensuring your laundry needs are met and the products and services we provide are within budget. Whether you need tea towel service, celebrity rider service or commercial laundry delivered in Melbourne, E WASH will make it happen.


Our stock is your toolkit of comfort and cleanliness

We supply our customers with high quality linens, towels, mats and more. We believe in the value of our products and are pledged to offer the very best to our clients. We have it all, from luxury, high-GSM towels for hotels and corporate locker rooms to bleach-proof stock for hairdressers and beyond to the linens and mats needed by every cafe and restaurant.

We understand that every industry has different requirements and expectations — that’s why we stock a huge variety of commodities. We follow technology and trends in materials closely, keeping our inventory up to date with the very best products offered to your industry.

Everyone — small and large businesses alike — has laundry that needs doing. E WASH works with them all, and we will supply your business with the products it needs to serve customers and succeed in a competitive marketplace.


Clean and fresh — without the stress.

In any industry, the tools matter. Laundry is no different. Our world-class facilities feature a range of machinery and equipment that allow us to wash your linens, towels, garments, bedding and mats to the highest degree of cleanliness. No matter what you need washed, we have a solution.

Washed, inspected, pressed, packed and delivered. We take the hardwork — and the guesswork — out of commercial laundry services, washing away the dirt as well as your concerns over presentation with practical, proven cleaning processes.

You have a job to do and your business has people to serve. The result is towels, bedding, uniforms and mats that are rapidly spent — we renew them to pristine conditions with a high quality washing service so that you can concentrate your efforts on customer satisfaction.


We drop it off. We pick it up. You relax.

E WASH collects your soiled linen and goods, takes them back to our commercial premises and uses state of the art machines to get a perfect finish. Then we return them to you, leaving you free to run your business. Our delivery services are efficient, convenient and reliable.

Our delivery service complements our superior product stock, cutting edge equipment and flexible storage arrangements. We take the hard work out of commercial laundry by providing the infrastructure and industrial expertise to get the job done on target, on time and on your doorstep.

Our delivery services allow you to focus on what’s important — meeting the needs of your clients, customers and community.


“Working with Lenny and Dave has been a beneficial relationship. What makes the difference is how they handle challenges and provide solutions quickly so that the operations of our business are never compromised.”

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