Providing End of Trip Facilities for Your Staff

By May 13, 2019Blog
Providing End-of-Trip Facilities for Your Staff

These days, an increasing number of people prefer to pedal to and from their workplace. Cycling to the office is more cost-effective compared to commuting in the car or even public transport. At the same time, pedalling ensures you can reach the office in time during heavy traffic.

So what’s causing this wave?

Many companies are providing End-of-Trip (EoT) facilities to inspire their employees to pedal their way to the workplace. EoT services that basically comprise cycle parking, lockers, shower facilities, and changing rooms, benefit your employees as well as your business equally.

Benefits of EoT Facilities

Employers as well as employees to gain from EoT services.

The employees cycling to work tend to remain healthy as it helps them to stay fit and in shape. Employees who stay in top form both physically and mentally, contribute towards increased productivity.

By using the end-of-trip facilities, employees are able to refresh themselves, which in turn allows them to begin their working day with enthusiasm. They develop better professional attitudes and their morale receives a boost.

On the other hand, businesses experience an increase in revenue as productivity goes up, while the costs go down owing to reduced parking costs.

As more workers commute on their bikes, businesses save the money they’d have otherwise reimbursed in the form of fuel costs. Most importantly, more bicycles on the road (and consequently fewer cars) mean less strain on the environment.

Considerations for offering End-of-Trip Amenities

Your business should consider offering end-of-trip facilities to promote cycling for work-related trips.

Additionally, you must take all the necessary steps to ensure that cyclists can take advantage of EoT resources. For a start, site managers must carry out a site inspection for assessing the organisation’s capability to provide workplace cycling facilities.

Installing space saving parking systems (mounted racks or standing rails) will enable employees to park their bicycles conveniently and safely. The bike parking zone should be easy to locate, and situated near change rooms, lockers, and showers. The parking area should be canopied for protection from rain and sun.

A locker serves as a convenient and secure way for workers to store their belongings. Businesses must provide smart lockers that are easier to operate and use compared to conventional ones, and safer. Workplaces should also have an effective locker management policy for ensuring their proper use.

Establishing shower cubicles and changing rooms could greatly help in encouraging bicycling. Employees who workout or participate in sports during lunchtime can also use these facilities. Providing showering and changing facilities is essential in offices where workers have to perform outdoor work or travel extensively.

Setting up video cameras and employing security guards could go a long way in safeguarding the EoT resources.

Additional EoT Services to Encourage Cycling

In order to encourage workers to take up cycling, employers can offer additional services. The employees will be able to use the existing EoT facilities in a better manner if they’ve access to add-ons.

These add-ons normally include mirrors, washbasins, hairdryers, first-aid kits, bicycle repair kit, floor pump, dryers, irons, ironing boards, washing machines, charging points, and drinking water.

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