Aprons and Uniforms

Whether out of site in a kitchen or on show at the front of the house. We supply and launder aprons & uniforms for the hospitality industry to keep them clean, presentable and professional.

Excellently Priced

Ewash products are not only superior quality but are also reasonably priced to suit your business or personal needs.

Superior Quality Fibres

If you’re looking for a high quality material that is highly durable as well, you’re at the right place.

Tailored Solutions

We don’t only supply to meet your general needs, we tailor our solutions to match the exact purpose you’re trying to accomplish.

Aprons and Uniforms

Your employees are dressed to impress — clean, well-serviced garments boost team spirit, inspire confidence in customers and maintain the fresh image your business relies on. We provide clean, pressed garments in a range of colours and sizes to ensure your entire team looks the part.


From Butcher Aprons to black & white bibs, look no further. We can provide high quality clean aprons weekly. Our aprons are double stitched for the strapping to ensure all loose ends are tied off.


We can launder your customer-owned chef’s uniforms & aprons, included with the supply of our other products. Enquire within.

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