How to Keep Your Spa and Salon Laundry Sanitary

By January 16, 2019Blog
spa and salon laundary

When you work in a business where you serve customers, your quality standards need to be quite high. This includes when it comes to cleaning. You may think things are clean, but are they clean according to federal standards? Whenever you run businesses in the healthcare, spa, and salon industry especially, making sure that your laundry is always sanitary can make or break your business. You want to make sure your laundry is completely sanitary in your spa or salon business before you use those towels or robes on your other customers.

You are going to use a lot of towels as part of your daily operations. These towels need to be very high quality, especially to hold up to the amount of washing that they are going to go through on a regular basis. The only way to go is to have a commercial washer and dryer system in place at your facility to ensure that everything is sanitary. If you don’t use a commercial laundry setup at your facility, you are going to spend a fortune constantly repairing and replacing your washer and dryer.

Are you buying commercial laundry for your business? There are a few things that you should consider. First of all, you want to follow all health standards which means that your laundry needs to reach a specific temperature for a specific period of time in order to properly disinfect your laundry. If you already have these commercial appliances, you need to be sure that they meet these standards. If not, this is something crucial to look for when you purchase one. You also want to be sure that you purchase something reliable as well as one that will get the job done according to standards.

There is also the need to have laundry equipment cleaning per national standards and regulations as well as offering a quality customer service experience. You need a washer and dryer that will hold up to your business’ needs while ensuring that your towels and robes are still soft and fluffy. You also want to make sure that the washer and dryer is energy efficient as this will save you money on the costs of running the washer and dryer.

The fact is there is a lot that goes into commercial laundry needs. You may even realize that it’s the most cost-effective solution for you to just outsource your laundry needs. Your business relies on your laundry game being flawless. With all of the regulations out there, there really is no room to mess around. Whether you decide to purchase the equipment or outsource your laundry needs, you need to do your research to make sure that your laundry is getting cleaned according to industry standards. Laundry is such a huge part of your spa and laundry business, you need to do your research to make the best choices for your needs. You’d be surprised at how many businesses in these industries don’t put as much thought in their laundry needs as they should.