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Meet the Team Behind E WASH

Brothers David and Lenny have been servicing Melbourne’s commercial laundry needs for over a decade. With a passion for personalised service and a commitment to customer satisfaction, E WASH provides linen and laundry services for every business, from hospitality to healthcare, corporate offices, sports and entertainment.
After opening their first commercial laundry in Prahran in 2005 and offering, a coin-operated public laundry and industrial laundry pickup and delivery service for businesses. The EWASH brand gained popularity, thanks to the friendly and personable service.
By offering a diverse range of services including, tea towel service for cafes, linen service for hotels and bleach resistant towel services for hairdressers, E WASH was able to rapidly expand its facilities. In 2014 E WASH moved into its new purpose built facility in Moorabbin to cater for the growing demand.

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“The more we grew, the more we knew there was not only a need for such services in every business, but an opportunity to provide better quality service with high quality linen to match”

-David Gould

“There’s no length to how far we will go to facilitating our clients. This is our life… This is what we love”

-Leonard Gould