Bath Towels for Clinics, Day Spas, Offices and Gyms

E WASH offers a comprehensive range of linen supplies to simplify the task of businesses and extend a luxurious experience to customers. With our products, you can enhance the look of your business and create a positive image for your brand. Our towel service for clinics is excellently priced and offers a range of superior quality towels. We understand that every business is different and provide tailored solutions to specifically meet your requirement.

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High-quality towels for clinics:

We have towels for clinics, day spa, corporate offices, and gyms. The bath sheets that we provide are of a superior quality and can be used for a variety of purposes. They are suitable to be used by every business to offer smooth service to their clients. Our commercial grade towels for clinics are available in a wide range of sizes and colour. This makes it possible for you to choose towel services for clinics or washing towels and hair salon towels, based on your requirement. We are well-equipped to deliver the towels to you on a frequent basis. We also offer the option of designing a tailored system to best fit your requirement.

Platinum Range

We offer a comprehensive range of services to offer smart laundry solutions for businesses. We have been successful in providing services that accommodate the need of a variety of sectors. Our goal is to provide customer satisfaction and we take all the measures to achieve it. We focus on offering a dependable, on-time and quality service. The towel services for clinics include towels of the highest quality available in the market.

We are engaged in extensive research and aim to be the leading supplier of quality towels. You can test our towel for clinics to understand the exceptional service we provide.

The standard bath towel size used across the industry is 80cm*160cm. Moreover, it is made of an inferior quality cotton or polyester with a lower capacity to absorb water. The towels shrink after several washes. The standard weight of the towels is 550g/m2 and it becomes lighter over time.

In comparison, our towels have the following features:

  • Size is 90cm*180cm
  • They weigh around 650g/m2
  • Specifically created for intense commercial laundering
  • 100% ring spun
  • Combed cotton without headers

These properties make our towels ideal to be used by businesses.

Know more about our towel services for clinics:

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