Personalised service

Catering to over 1000 commercial clients from a wide range of industries has taught the team at E WASH that no two businesses are the same, and no two commercial laundry or linen requirements are the same either. As a result, E WASH tailors their commercial linen service to suit the individual needs of each client. Whether you need tea towel service, celebrity rider service or commercial laundry delivered in Melbourne, E WASH will make it happen.

FREE quote and analysis of your requirements

E WASH will personally work with you to ensure that your laundry needs are met and within budget.

Choose from an extensive range of linen products

From luxury, high-GSM towels for hotels and corporate locker rooms, to bleach-proof towels for hairdressers, to napkins and tablecloths to suit every café and restaurant, E WASH understands your specific requirements and is sure to have something that works for you.

Take the hard work out of industrial laundry

E WASH collects your soiled linen, tea towels, and tablecloths to take back to our commercial premises where we use state of the art machines to get a perfect finish. Then we return them to your door – leaving you free to run your business.

Get specialised linen products, no matter your industry

Hairdressers, hospitals, hotels and corporate offices all use towels, but they all have different requirements and expectations. We stock a huge variety of products, chosen specifically to meet your needs. Small and large businesses alike, everyone has laundry that needs doing, and E WASH works with them all.

Can’t find your product?

If we don’t already have it in stock, we’ll search high and low until we find the exact product you need. We’ll provide a selection of samples so you have ultimate control and can make your own choice. You can be confident that we’ve found the product that’s perfect for you. That’s our promise.