We offer a full daily locker room service for corporate offices covering everything from floor mats for office entry, high traffic and wet areas to bath towels and sheets for shower rooms and bike rooms. We can also cater for your kitchen linen with tea towels, cloths and anti-fatigue mats for your staff.

We can accommodate for large volumes with a wide range of products to support your needs.



Ewash provides the highest quality locker room towel in the market, how do we know this? Ewash has undertaken extensive research in the towel service market and aim t be the leader in providing corporate locker room services. We invite you to test our towels and see the quality for yourselves.

Across the industry, the standard bath towel size is 68cm x 138cm and in most cases are made out of an inferior cotton and in some cases polyester which is a plastic thread and does not absorb water. This would result in shrinkage of the bath towel after several washes. Industry standard weight is also around 420gm2, meaning it is already a lighter weighted towel and will increasingly become lighter as it is washed and used.

Our towels are 72cm x 147cm in size and weigh 500gm2. They are 100% ring spun, combed cotton and without headers, built specifically for intense commercial laundering and will maintain its luxury due to the size, weight and cotton used to make the product.


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