Hair Salon Towel Service

If you are looking for hairdressing towels in Melbourne, get in touch with our team. We assure to provide hair salon towels of superior quality at an affordable price.

Our research over the last 5 years has proven it is much more cost effective to your business, if you don’t have to launder your own salon towels. It frees up valuable time for your juniors or apprentice’s to take on more work or learn new skills.
Our range of bleach proof salon towels, have been designed specifically for the beauty industry and we offer flexible delivery schedules to suit your operating times.
Our “Bleach Proof” Vat dyed black salon towels are the benchmark for the industry and we can supply them to you.
No matter what your salon needs, we can provide it — and if you have a new challenge to face, we will help you discover and acquire the best goods to meet your needs.
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